December 8, 2017

About Us

A commitment to community – Complete Management Solutions

MP Strata Management is a highly experienced, professional and enthusiastic Strata Management company servicing all suburbs in the greater Melbourne area.

MP Strata Management experience covers the full spectrum, from the smallest Owners Corporations of 3 or 4 lots all the way through to large apartment buildings.

Our Management Team

Our management team is headed by experienced professionals. We have the knowledge and experience to manage the most complex strata – and the passion for delivering customer service excellence.

At MP Strata Management, we offer something rare in this industry – care, trust and commitment.


We help you with:

  • The maintenance of common property– We ensure the pool is clean, identify that the building’s lifts need repair or replacement, identify the need for a plumber, and arrange for the building to be repainted, amongst other things.
  • Dealing with all correspondence regarding the building itself 
  • Communicate with owners and tenants 
  • Insurance – Lodging all insurance claims and then follow up on their progress.
  • Archiving of all records– As well as keeping detailed records of owners’ names and contact details, logs on all work done on the property, and a history of key events that have happened.
  • Preparing budgets – This would include factoring in major works that need to be done to the building.
  • Monitoring invoices for payments.
  • Ensuring that all amounts owing and owed to the Owner’s Corporation are paid on time – this includes fees from each property’s owner.
  • Enforcing rules around the common property, and clearly communicating to all residents what those rules are.
  • Mediating disputes between owners.
  • Enforcing certain laws that apply to owners within the properties themselves. For example, pet ownership is a common issue that Strata Managers need to tackle. This could either involve individuals owning pets without permission, or having pets infringe on the neighbour’s’ right to quiet enjoyment.
  • Organise information events, social occasions, and listen to feedback from residents on what they’d like to see happen to the property. For example, the Strata Manager would be the one to look into the viability of a rooftop garden for the residents to enjoy.


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