December 8, 2017


MP Strata Management Services – Strata Management Made Easy At MP Strata Management, we understand that despite the needs of the property, people must always come first. We take action on every task that needs addressing so that your collective property is looked after in the best possible way. Ultimately, we want to make sure your property is maintained to the highest standards just as well as the people who care about it.

Your Body Corporate Needs Fully Covered

MP Strata Management is your single service solution for management, administration and property related services.


Our Services


Repairs & Maintenance

We arrange repairs and maintenance by coordinating tradesmen issuing work orders and managing major works as well.


We keep up to date with all of the latest in property legislation so that we can ensure your owner’s corporation complies with all of its statutory obligations.


We offer a wealth of knowledge and careful attention to detail to ensure that you have the best possible insurance protections in place for you and your owners.

Financial Management

We perform a wide range of financial management and accounting functions that ensure that all monies are handled carefully.

Advice for Developers

We provide specialist advice to developers to help them maximise their sales value and create communities that people want to live in.

Strata Community Management

Having a thorough knowledge of the legislation, rules and legislation ensures we can assist in achieving a positive environment within your strata community. Our managers are able to provide assistance in mediating disputes within your property.

Owner’s Corporation Rules

Owners Corporations may have rules for the control, management, use or enjoyment of common property and lots and created with the intention to govern regular issues such as parking, pets and noise.

Utilities Management

We assist to review the current energy consumption of common property, establish the baseline energy usage and benchmarks and develop a strategy, the cost of implementation, potential energy savings, and the expected payback period to begin with.

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